Akshay kumar is currently in england capturing for reema kagti’s gold based on the primary olympian gold medal for india. Since the medal become for hockey, and as akshay kumar performs the captain of a hockey team, three hockey specialists have been chosen to instruct akshay in the nuances of the sport.

Says a source near the film, “akshay needn’t have learnt hockey. He is sporty by using nature. Also, he received’t be shown a lot on the sphere. This isn’t going to be a lot about the sport of hockey itself, like chak de india was. It is going to be approximately what went on behind the scenes, how akshay as the captain of the team prepared the crew to the astounding victory.”

But now akshay has reached a zone where he received’t plunge into a man or woman with out homework. For gold, he received’t simplest study hockey, he will also age through at the least 10 years at some point of the direction of the narrative.

Seemingly, akshay kumar has requested his director reema kagti to let him show the bodily changes in his man or woman without resorting to makeup. “akshay wants to use his body language in a way that spotlights the man or woman’s development with out external props. He has performed actual-life characters in airlift and rustom. But he didn’t need to convert bodily until now for this position.”

Not handiest is a cricket and soccer enthusiast attending to learn an entirely new recreation, but an actor these days recognize for devoted characterizations is ready to play one greater surprisingly patriotic position.

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