Adnan sami is ready to make his acting debut with radhika rao and vinay sapru’s subsequent film afghan – on the lookout for a home. Adnan may be visible gambling a musician on this movie. The film is the suitable entertainer with drama, emotion and track. This project might be adnan’s first undertaking as an indian.

Adnan, radhika and vinay have been friends for over a decade and had been remaining seen working collectively in lucky… no time for love. Afghan- looking for a domestic is the tale of a musician refugee from afghanistan who flees his u . S . Of start under extenuating circumstances to make a totally long and exhausting stroll in the direction of in search of an identification and a home. The film is a tale of tune and the musicians in nations in which track is that one factor nobody wishes or desires anymore motive in a disturbed and violent terrain the primary casualty is continually artwork.

What takes place to all those terrible musicians? What takes place to a cherished piano or a beautiful guitar or a rubab while all you’re allowed to carry is your very own weight and those of your own family members as you flee the homes you have got regarded all of your existence?

When radhika and vinay shared the tale with adnan he had goosebumps listening to it… he became in awe of a story complete of joys and tears, rubabs and dholaks, invisible obstacles and displaced homes.

It had taken a decade for the concept to be discovered and adnan couldn’t wait to be part of this poignant and inspiring story of the survival of music overseas. Adnan says that this film is very close to his heart as it is his first film as an actor and as an indian. He is the first pakistani under the rarest clause in the constitution of india to be granted indian nationality.

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